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Are you looking to grow your wholesaling or real estate business? Do you own a small business but lack the marketing and sales knowledge to take your business to the next level? Struggling with implementing real strategies and processes that work and that are needed to scale your business?
Whether you need more buyers, more sellers, more deals or more money we can help:

  • Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t know what to do.
  • Maybe you keep running into the same issues you can’t seem to fix.
  • Maybe you’ve been doing this for years but haven’t kept up with the latest marketing and technology trends.
  • Maybe you just want to put your business on auto-pilot and implement systems and processes
  • Maybe you just want to make more money

Bokman has over 15+ years of both sales and marketing experience working for multiple fortune 500 companies selling capital equipment to c-level executives and CEOs. Since starting to invest full-time Bokman has grown his business ten folds selling over $10 Million Dollars in real estate in 2017 alone. Bokman implements real-world strategies to help him and his clients grow there business.

You can book a one on one consultation calls with Bokman in 30-minute increments.

Investors that have worked with Bokman have found that his knowledge has helped them jumpstart their business and speed up the learning curve of their business.  Smart real estate investors who want to start, grow, get unstuck, or skyrocket their businesses contact Bokman for help and guidance.

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“I’ve never owned or operated a business before and I believe that David has help cut the learning curve in half for us” – Sean

“I wish I would of signed up for these calls before I wasted money on these weekend courses that didn’t teach me anything” – Michelle

“David helped give us the tools and systems we needed to put in place to make our business actually work! His knowledge is extensive and makes himself avaiable to help at all times.” – Pam

“Not only did David help me with my business but he also took the time to talk to me about my health and well being, got me eating good and excerising again. Not only is my business thriving but so I am both mentally and physically. – George

David’s Philosophy
“The Mind & Body Must Be Aligned”

“In order to be happy and successful both the mind and body must be in alignment” I personally believe this to the core and the root at which how we change as people.

Besides providing business support and mentorship for those wanting to increase there business, David also provides health and wellness mentorship. What this means is, regardless of how well you’re doing in business if your personal life including both mind and body is out of alignment your business will ultimately suffer. Some of the topics we cover are the following:
* Food & Nutrition
* Excercise
* Stress Management
* Family Life
* Meditation/Breathwork
* Accountability
* Much More