Real Estate Research and Valuation Service

With our presence in today’s ever-changing world were able to maximize our client’s returns by offering some unique insight, knowledge, and experience.

In addition to our Off-Market Properties, we also offer Research and Evaluation services for our investors who are in need. Most investors depending on the length of investing may not have access to the latest market trends, MLS access and local construction costs per any given area. Making it very hard to determine what a potential property or project should be bought or sold in any given condition.

What Reseach and Service We Provide:

  • Local ARV Comps
  • Local Cash Comps
  • Full Spectrum Report
  • Multi-Unit Comps & Reports
  • Commercial Comps & Reports
  • Potential Rent/Cap Rate Reports

Before you make an offer on that next investment property, instead of trying to rely on Zillow or Trulia or any other real estate website, why not get real up to date information from the most reliable source that all real estate professionals use?

Have an investment property and don’t know what’s it’s worth? We can provide a full report giving you all the options needed to make a smart decision.

So before you buy or sell that next investment property let us provide you with the information you need to maximize your investment.

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